About us

This year we celebrate the 20th birthday of our company!

During these years we have grown, strengthened and found a lot of partners between suppliers and clients.

We have started our activity from trading rice and today we offer our clients a range of all kinds of rice, grains and flakes.

Since the beginning in Lithuania our products have their own customers now in the Baltic States, Poland, Germany, Russia, the USA, Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, France and Norway.

In order not to disappoint and please our customer we create new products which are quickly and easy to prepare.


Our goal is to provide high-quality products for Eastern and Central European people and allow them to choose the healthy diet and lifestyle.

History of the company

UAB Galinta ir partneriai was created when the idea of trading the grits from Lithuanian farmers came up in 1997. Our company specializes in manufacturing, packing and trading of bulk foods. UAB Galinta ir partneriai is one of the largest producers of buckwheat and flakes in Baltic States. Our products are valued not only in Lithuania or neighborhood countries but also across Atlantic Ocean where people understand the importance of high-quality food.

The company is constantly seeking for new ways and means to increase the efficiency by rationally using the available capacities and the knowledge and professionalism of employers. UAB Galinta ir partneriai continually invests in the high quality equipment and training sessions and seminars for the workers. We always seek to manufacture our products according to the latest technologies.

We lead in bulk foods retail, wholesale and Horeca sectors in Lithuania. We try to maintain this position by increasing our sales indicators and improving the quality of our products.

Business branches

Bulk food packing

Modern packaging factory in Kaunas packs up to 3 million packages a month.

Buckwheat groats production

The subsidiary UAB Galintos grūdai in Varėna is one of the largest and the most modern factories of buckwheat groats in the Baltic region and Western Europe. Our production capacity reaches 1 000 tons of buckwheat groats per month.


Flakes production

The highest quality oat, wheat, barley, rye, millet and other kinds of flakes are produced in the subsidiary UAB Galintos grūdai.

Trading of bulk foods

We wholesale trade rice, buckwheat and other packaged and non-packaged cereal products. We trade in Baltic States, Western Europe, USA, Canada and other countries. The products of our company can be found in the largest domestic and foreign distributive trades (shopping centers Maxima, IKI, Rimi, Norfa, Aibė, etc.)

Purchase and storage of grains

We purchase and store the grains.

Logistics services

We own 8 trucks with semitrailers (6 tilt semitrailers and 2 self-unloading semitrailers). We carry packages not only in Lithuania but in whole Europe too.

Shopping centers

Our products can be purchased at the largest shopping centers of distributive trades in the country:

Aibė, www.aibe.lt

AVS prekyba, www.gruste.lt

Vynoteka, www.vynoteka"

Iki, www.iki.lt

KOOPS, www.kauno-koopdi.com

Lidl, www.lidl.lt

Lupra, www.pckubas.lt

Maxima, www.maxima.lt

Norfa, www.norfa.lt

Rimi, www.rimi.lt

Sanitex, www.sanitex.eu






Shopping centers of the largest foreign distributive trades:

Maxima LV, www.maxima.lv

Maxima EE, www.maxima.ee

Rimi LV, www.rimi.lv

Rimi EE, www.rimi.ee

Sanitex LV, www.sanitex.lv

Sanitex EE, www.sanitex.ee

Selver, www.selver.ee

Mego LV, www.baltstor.lv

High quality, long-standing traditions, loyalty, stability and healthy lifestyle.